At Smart Book Business Solutions, we believe that your time is best spent pursuing your passion. Our passion is to help your business grow by assisting you in managing your finances and saving you money with efficient accounting practices.

In our business and our local community, we are committed to:

    • Helping Northern Colorado’s vibrant economy flourish. 
    • Cultivating long-lasting, high-quality relationships with our clients by providing them the highest level of excellence and absolute confidence in their financials. 
    • Volunteering and donating funds to further the missions of the Northern Colorado nonprofits we love.

Smart Book Business Solutions is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and serves clients nationwide.

Becky Ezzell

Founder & Owner

“I admire entrepreneurs and want them to be uber successful. Accounting makes sense to me through and through, and I like making sense out of what doesn’t make sense to clients.”

– Becky Ezzell

Becky Ezzell, founder/owner of Smart Book Business Solutions, began her career in the insurance and legal services industries where she gained a thorough understanding of the “bottom line.” Becky followed her dream in 2010 of owning an accounting firm that would truly help people put their energy towards their chosen trade and their passions in life. She is dedicated to giving business owners confidence in their accounting systems and processes so that they can succeed in doing what they do best.

Becky lives in Loveland, CO, with her husband and two strong, accomplished daughters. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking with her family, and cycling.

Becky and her staff are all QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors® and Becky is an Advanced QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor®.

“It’s been very rewarding growing and expanding  with SBBS while  maintaining the family culture.  We value the relationships with each other, and especially the relationships built with our clients. Family is very important and always comes first, and I’m very grateful for the flexible working hours.”

Tracy Mateer

Senior Accountant

“SBBS is the perfect fit for me because it creates an environment where I can learn every day. As a student in Grad school, my job at SBBS has given me experience in many different types of small businesses, which is important to me as I develop as an accountant. The team at SBBS always creates an environment that makes it fun to go to work.”

Steven Davis

Senior Accountant

“I love the personal customer service aspect of working for SBBS.  I also enjoy the company of my coworkers, they are a fun group of people.”

Denise Vasquez


“SBBS is a wonderful business. The crew is hard working but has fun at the same time. I refer to them as my family away from home. Our clients are wonderful and I love talking with them when they come in the office.” 

Robie Orner

Administrative Assistant

“Relationships, health, teamwork, and offering quality service to clients are the values that I see permeating the culture at Smart Books. I’m full of gratitude for this balanced atmosphere that is regularly cultivated and nurtured by Becky and my fellow employees.”

Vanessa Aschmann


“When I was a kid, I would pretend to own a store just so that I could mess around with numbers. When I was about 12 or 13, I started my own bank register and enjoyed every time that I got to enter new numbers or reconcile the money to the register. I am a natural problem solver and love seeing things balance out. Working for Smart Book Business Solutions is a dream come true for me and is a great place to work.”

Teresa Escalle


“I love the personal customer service aspect of working for SBBS. I also enjoy the company of my coworkers, they are a fun group of people.”

Hannah Creed