Here are a few examples of how to get a strong start to 2021

  • Schedule a meeting with your CPA.  Ensure you have collected all required documents from 2019—W2’s, 1099’s, K1’s, and brokerage statements ready to turn into your CPA
  • Be organized when you meet with your CPA and provide them with everything they will need to complete your tax return(s)
  • Consult with your CPA to ensure you have a tax strategy plan in place for the 2021 tax year.
  • Stay on top of estimated tax payment due dates (Jan 15, April 15, June 15, Sep 15)
  • Look over previous year financial data to create a solid plan for 2021
  • Create a budget that is attainable and revisit this as necessary
  • Plan a teambuilding session with your employees to make a positive plan for the year ahead
  • Consider ways you can outsource business functions so you can spend more time focusing on your trade
  • Research new apps and tools that you can institute into your business to increase efficiency
  • Most of all plan to enjoy and make the most of the year ahead
    • You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough. ~Mae West

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